Trump declares 'mission accomplished' after US-led airstrikes in Syria

Trump declares 'mission accomplished' after US-led airstrikes in Syria

Trump declares 'mission accomplished' after US-led airstrikes in Syria

"President Trump made it clear the United States will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons", Pence said during a bilateral meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, adding the U.S. was prepared to sustain its effort.

On Saturday, Trump called the strike "perfectly executed", on Twitter, writing, "mission accomplished!".

The US, France and Britain fired 105 missiles overnight in retaliation, targeting what they said was Syria's chemical weapons programme. "We confined it to the chemical weapons-type targets", he said.

"Some Syrians prefer to die in chemical weapons [attacks] because they will not be blown to pieces by barrel bombs or a missiles", Hamzah said.

Their targets were core infrastructure of Assad's "clandestine" chemical weapons program, shoddily hidden from the worldwide community since a 2013 agreement ostensibly rid him of his entire stockpile, according to an intelligence document declassified by the French government and released in conjunction with the strike.

Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has strongly condemned a recent attack by the United States, Britain and France against Syria, saying it will boost the Syrian nation's resolve in its fight against terrorism.

The 15-member council met on Saturday at Russia's request: the fifth time it has met regarding Syria since a suspected deadly poison gas attack in the Syrian town of Douma a week ago. That move by Assad demonstrated that Putin was either unwilling or unable to curtail both Assad's production or use of such weapons.

The United States "gave diplomacy chance after chance after chance", she said, only to have Russian Federation block, last Tuesday, an effort to set up an independent body to investigate chemical attacks in Syria. "We're like 'Okay, is it going to be as little as expected?' We knew it was going to be a limited strike just to show the media and world they had done something without really damaging the regime". However, there have been numerous reports of chemical weapons being used by the Assad regime since then.

The largest and most important target was the Barzah Research and Development Center near Damascus. None of the more sophisticated air defenses that Russian Federation has positioned in Syria were employed, he said.

The Russian military said Saturday that the three countries had fired 103 cruise missiles, including Tomahawk missiles, at Syria but that Syrian air defense systems managed to intercept 71 of them.

Explosions rocked Syria's capital. What's next for US, Iran and Russian Federation ?
After the chemical gas attack by the Assad regime on civilians in Douma, an airstrike took place on the T4 air base in Syria. Berman, they added, "can prevent further disparity in Mr.

An official of a scientific research institution that was hit by the US -led missile attack on Saturday denied the facility's possession of chemical weapons.

However, Jandali Riafi said he believes the strike may have actually backfired, giving Assad propaganda material.

Syria disputed even the most basic facts about the assault.

The Pentagon also said that it was not aware of any civilian causalities at the time.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader in the House, said: "The latest chemical weapons attack against the Syrian people was a brutally inhuman war crime".

The Syrian air defences not only missed the incoming missiles but they kept firing even after the last US, British and French strikes were complete. It fulfilled Trump's vow that chemical weapons are a "red line" that he, unlike his predecessor Barack Obama, would not allow Assad to cross. But the airfield targeted by the Pentagon resumed operations shortly after the attack and, according to Western intelligence assessments, chemical attacks resumed.

Last year, the U-S launched cruise missiles after Assad used sarin gas on civilians.

On Saturday, a team of United Nations chemical experts arrived in Syria to investigate whether Assad's government was responsible for the attack a week ago. They will collect soil samples and talk to witnesses to try to pin down what occurred.

The BBC said May was ready to give the go-ahead for Britain to take part in action led by the United States without seeking prior approval from parliament.

French President Emmanuel Macron said he ordered the attacks after the "massacre" of innocent people which had crossed "a red line".

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