Trump lawyer fights to shield items seized in Federal Bureau of Investigation raid

Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen. Jonathan Ernst Reuters

Cohen, through his lawyer and in public statements, has denied wrongdoing.

Another issue, of course, is whether the communications at issue between Cohen and Trump will ultimately be deemed to be legitimate attorney-client privileged communications.

Avenatti said he believes some of the seized documents relate to Clifford, who performs under the name Stormy Daniels. The raid itself was executed by the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NY, which is now led by Trump appointee Geoffrey Berman.

At a hearing on Friday, U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood told an attorney for Michael Cohen that his client needed to be there to help answer questions about his law practice. The hearing was set for Monday afternoon.

"I'm not trying to delay anything but nor do I see a particular rush", Hendon said.

In addition to seizing documents related to two women who claim they had affairs with the president, investigators also sought material related to the "Access Hollywood" tape in which Mr. Trump was heard making vulgar comments about women.

In other words, the Federal Bureau of Investigation wouldn't have executed the search warrant at Trump's lawyer's office unless they had good reason and probable cause of criminality, said former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti.

Under Justice Department regulations, Mueller must consult with Rosenstein when his investigators uncover new evidence that may fall outside his original mandate.

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Attorney-client privilege allows clients to discuss their legal troubles with lawyers, protecting them from being incriminated by said correspondence.

They also downplayed the scope of potential privilege, saying they had before Monday secretly searched multiple email accounts belonging to Cohen, and which they said indicated that Cohen "is in fact performing little to no legal work".

The U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan made the filing after lawyers for Cohen and Trump asked a judge on Friday to block investigators from reviewing material the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized in a search of Cohen's office and residence on Monday.

Just days after the FBI's unnannounced Monday raid on President Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen's home, office and hotel room, a federal court in NY has scheduled a hearing in the matter, Fox News has learned. Also, could this raid have a damaging effect on attorney-client relations going forward?

President Donald Trump's personal attorney is trying to prevent the government from using materials it found in a search of his office and residence this week.

The raid was reportedly connected to the $130,000 that Cohen paid to adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Previous reports said Federal Bureau of Investigation agents in the search had sought records on payments to Stormy Daniels and to another woman who claimed she had an affair with Trump. He called Mueller's investigation "an attack on our country".

Trump has openly considered replacing Mueller with Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general leading the Russian Federation investigation, because the team is closer to figuring out his role in the investigation.

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