Watch Dogs 3 Seemingly Confirmed By Ubisoft's Personal Gaming Assistant

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 3 Seemingly Confirmed By Ubisoft's Personal Gaming Assistant

Ubisoft also tweeted out "This is everything", earlier this month for some reason, which is thought to be another possible Watch Dogs 3 teaser. It seems that Ubisoft is getting us ready for some Watch Dogs 3 reveal if we are to believe the official app from Ubisoft, Sam.

The reasonable response to being told that Watch Dogs 3 is in development would be to say, "Of course it is".

But what really sealed the deal (bearing in mind that this is all strictly speculation, and no deal has been sealed) is a UbiCentral video stating that Sam, the Siri-like assistant built into Ubisoft's mobile app, dropped the dime itself.

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Multiple users have asked Sam about Watch Dogs 3 in a variety of ways and all of them have received the same response. Sam is now only available in Canada, but when YouTube channel UbiCentral asked the programme about Watch Dogs 3 they received a telling answer: "Watch Dogs 3 is not finished yet, but from the last early build I tried it's very solid". Can't wait for you to try it!' However, speculation is rife that it could be the start of a viral marketing campaign for Watch Dogs 3, which hasn't officially been announced, but may surface at E3 2018. Rumours and leaks are already starting to multiply. The Tweet got deleted afterward but put us in confusion because "Everything is connected" is a phrase usually used to market Watch Dogs. Secondly, a message was posted on the Watch Dogs 2 Twitter account that stated "This is Everything".

On April 1, 2018 (April Fool's Day) Ubisoft let users access the "console" for UPlay, though in reality, it was really a Watch Dogs easter egg.

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