Watch How Referee Michael Oilver Awarded A Late Penalty To Real Madrid

Buffon Top Five Keepers

Ederson makes the list. Pic Chris Brunskill Ltd Getty Images

Buffon said after the game the solution lay more in referees understanding game situations than VAR, and Agnelli said improved referees also would have thought twice about sending off Paulo Dybala in the first leg.

'The content remains and I stand by all of it, I had to let that out, even if it damaged my reputation.

By the end of the evening, the parallels with Zidane were unavoidable.

After the game, the furious Italian had some harsh words to say about referee Michael Oliver. Oliver would end up flashing the Juventus goalie a red card to the consternation of his teammates.

While Buffon stopped short of physically assaulting Oliver, the riled goalkeeper let loose a barrage of finger-prodding rhetoric as the Juve players swarmed the referee in protest.

And then, after a prolonged protest led by the veteran goalkeeper, he was gone.

For Chiellini, the decision [to award a penalty] was laughable but the centre-back lauded his team's effort.

As with Zidane, though, the ignominy of Buffon's exit could become a part of the legend.

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Canadian captain Ghislaine Landry opened the scoring in their semi clash with the defending Olympic champions. I had no idea what was going on. but I am so proud of the girls", Goss said.

Massimiliano Allegri was full of praise for Juventus despite their elimination from the Champions League on Wednesday. The most important thing is we have the technology, it exists and is in use, so we have to bring it into the Champions League.

Horncastle took a hard stance on the comments which he deemed unacceptable, though did note that he could see where Buffon's frustrations arose from given the gravitas of the decision for both the team and individual player.

"Ultimately, the person who will leave the stadium with the biggest regrets is the referee Oliver". "A human being can not decide the elimination of a team with such decision".

'I don't have to make up for anything, because I am a human being who puts passion, sentiment and anger into what I do, ' he told Italian TV. He should do the same. It's a matter of sensibility.

"The minutes before taking the penalty felt heart-rate went up, but I calmed myself as I knew it would be decisive".

"If you have the cynicism to award a penalty like that in the 93rd minute, you are not a man, you are an animal", the 40-year-old finished.

The team gave its all, but a human being can not destroy dreams like that. "Gigi had that reaction but that's understandable". In football you analyze the present. "In practice, it means you don't know shit".

"Draw? We must be prepared for whoever we get and face them with the best possible motivation". It's a pity it ended like this, unjustly.

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