What Does Tom Clancy's Division Update 1.8.1 Bring?

Division classified gear

What Does Tom Clancy's Division Update 1.8.1 Bring?

Despite how widely it was panned at release I adored Tom Clancy's The Division, and have continued dipping my toes into the game since its release almost two years ago. The damage this ammo does is linked to a Charge meter which is filled up as you run and shoot enemies - the more that meter fills, the more damage you do.

But there's more! There are more than 40 new Commendations, which you can unlock in the new Global Events.

The cliff notes include Legendary difficulty for Amhert's Apartment and Grand Central Station, new commendations, a higher chance of earning Classified gear, and more Division Tech being awarded for assignments.

Bosses in the Resistance game mode now award 100 Global Event tokens. One thing you need to know is that Blackout grants you some Shock Ammo that helps you stun your enemies. The second event - Onslaught arrives sometime in May and allows players the chance to deal burn, bleed and gas effects to enemies in addition to normal damage with reload changing the effect. According to the patch notes, enemies will be resistant to certain elements and vulnerable to another. The new loot and vendor changes are always active in The Division after the update.

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Legendary Missions now have a 20 percent chance to give Classified Gear as a reward at the completion of the mission.

At the same time, the Classified Gear drop rates increased.

Exotic items are easier to obtain now, too. All world bosses can now drop any of the exotic items in The Division. Another change the team implemented is the Exotic Loot drop. During a Global Event, a new cache is available for Global Event credits. With the Special Vendor, you will also find some Classified Gear cache, which comes guaranteed with one piece. They removed the Premium Vendor Exotics from the Open World loot pool, as well as the Exotic Caches. For instance, the Banshee cache will reward a piece of Banshee Classified Gear.

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