Acer Chromebook Spin 15, Chromebook Spin 13, and Swift 5 Laptop Launched

Imager Acer

Imager Acer

Computers running Google's Chrome OS might not have the same power user appeal as Windows and macOS computers, but they're low-cost and can run much more modest hardware.

The Google Pixelbook, launched in Fall of 2017, is a high-end Chromebook with a 3:2 display ratio, impressive specs, and a whopping $1,000 price tag.

Acer also showed off four different Chromebooks in two sizes and two styles.

The "Spin" moniker in these new Chromebooks refers to the laptops' convertible nature; using the 360-degree swivel hinge, you can flip the touchscreen all the way back to create a tablet-like experience. These might be just what the premium midrange needs. Despite its small size, the 13-inch variants appear to be Acer's flagship models.

If you're more cost-conscious, there are more frugal Chromebook Spin 15 and Chromebook 15 models with more conventional 16:9 displays as well as Celeron and Pentium chip options. Again, we're seeing a lot of similarities in the hardware of both devices, though with more powerful options on the Chromebook Spin 13.

Acer Announces New 13 and 15-Inch Chromebooks

Both Chromebook 13 models come with a Corning Gorilla Glass trackpad, a 13.5-inch display with a resolution of 2,256 x 1,504, two USB Type-C ports, a legacy USB 3.0 port, and a microSD card slot. Coming in at $100 cheaper, variants start at $349 and will be available this June. The 13-inch versions should get around 10 hours of battery life. The display also supports 10-finger touch for responsive browsing and running apps. I also like that you can play touchscreen-optimized games from the Google Play store on this system, though I'm not sure how long my arms would want to hold this 3.5-pound convertible aloft. This feature isn't available in the 15-inch Chromebooks.

The new 15-inch Chromebooks have a larger 15.6-inch display, but they're standard 1920×1080 panels.

The Chromebook 13 Spin certainly felt sturdy in my hands, thanks to the all-aluminum chassis, which is sandblasted to make it easier to grip.

Remember, the Chromebook Spin 13 (there's a non-spin version without touch that maxes out at the 8th-gen Core m3) will come with the 8th-gen Core i5 (50%+ performance gains over the i5 in the Pixelbook), up to 16GB of RAM, and up to 128GB of storage. No pricing or hard availability dates are set, but we're told to expect the Chromebook Spin 13 around September and for it to be "competetively priced". This one is rated for 14-15 hours of battery life.

The new Acer Chromebooks have USB 3.1 Type-C ports on each side for charging them.

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