Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Vigorously Denies She Is Gay

Gov. Kay Ivey

Gov. Kay Ivey

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is coming out swinging against accusations she is gay.

Alabama's first openly gay legislator no longer has a job waiting for her with an Orlando-based gay rights organization after creating a firestorm with a Tuesday evening tweet that speculated on Gov. Kay Ivey's sexuality and urged someone to out her as a lesbian.

The governor spokesperson has denied these claims and today WDHN spoke to republicans at the Republican Women of Coffee County meeting on their opinion to this claim. "While Ms. Todd has a well-established record of outstanding service to the community, her lapse in judgment has led us to end our relationship with her", One Orlando's Foster said.

"I think if there's any motivation you can find it has to be associated with those who are not getting any traction and they're just desperate for media attention, any way they can get it".

Dwight Adams feels it's vital that good republican candidates are elected to serve in office.

One Orlando Alliance board chair Jennifer Foster released a statement: "After careful deliberation, the board of directors of One Orlando Alliance unanimously chose to retract the offer of employment made to Patricia Todd to serve as executive director of the organization".

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Todd never did name anyone.

In response to that story, Todd took to both Twitter and Facebook, posting: "Will someone out her for God's sake..."

Ivey, who has been married and divorced twice, calls the claims "disgusting, false, and a bold-faced lie". She spoke afterward with famed political columnist John Archibald, saying, "I hate hypocrites". Ivey, who is up for reelection, was under attack by a fellow conservative for allowing grant money to go to the group. She responded by distancing herself from Free2Be. And, it said, "Governor Ivey does not support the values pushed by" Free2Be.

That didn't sit well with Todd.

Todd also suggested that a girlfriend moved out of Ivey's house when she became governor in 2017. "I am sick of closeted elected officials".

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