Amazon Alexa developers get eight new voices

Alexa developers get 8 free voices to use in skills courtesy of Amazon Polly		
	Sarah Perez

   	10 hours

Alexa developers get 8 free voices to use in skills courtesy of Amazon Polly Sarah Perez @ 10 hours

This new capability can help you enrich your skill's experience, making it more engaging for customers. Developers may want to use the preview to give different voices to characters in games and stories, for example.

Visit the Amazon Polly product page for more information.

Along with HP, Acer and Asus debuted personal computers that are created to work with Alexa during the International Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES) that was held earlier this year in Las Vegas as part of a push by Amazon to spread its voice assistant to more third-party devices.

"Using Amazon Polly, you can choose a different voice for any utterance by using the Structured Speech Markup Language (SSML) and specifying an Amazon Polly voice using the "voice name" tag", the post stated.

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At the event, Vogels said: "We've been thinking if voice is the natural way to interact in your home and home automation, why don't we build something you can use at work as well?"

The bank has introduced three Alexa skills that enable customers to use voice commands to access information such as trading insights or ideas and content from the bank.

It should be noted that developers can already add multiple voices to their skills, but it's a more complex process that involves recording a voice as an audio file. With Alexa of course already in more than 20% of United States households it seems likely automakers will see this as a bigger selling point than the rarely used Cortana service.

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