Apple rejects Steam Link iOS app because of "business conflicts"

Apple rejects Steam Link iOS app because of

Apple rejects Steam Link iOS app because of "business conflicts"

In an unusual public statement Thursday afternoon, Bellevue, Wash. -based Valve said Steam Link was approved by Apple on May 7, and originally slated for release on iOS this week.

One of the major frustrations for developers trying to launch an app on Apple's App Store is having that app rejected without a clear reason as to why.

Two weeks after announcing it would release a Steam streaming app for Android and iOS, Valve stated today that the iOS version is being blocked from release by Apple due to previously unnoticed "business conflicts with app guidelines".

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There has been some conjecture as to why Apple would block the Steam Link app.

The Steam Link app was slated to release on May 21 for both iOS and Android devices, but it seems like the former option may no longer be a viable platform. It does what the Steam Link was created to do; let PC players stream their games over LAN to their phones, or the TV through Apple TV. Aside from the use of GameStream, the main difference between Steam Link and Moonlight is the latter only works with Nvidia GPUs, the former works with Nvidia and AMD. Even though the team at Valve appealed and tried to explain Apple why Steam Link should be approved, they were ultimately denied.

"The team here spent many hours on this project and the approval process, so we're clearly disappointed", Valve spokesman Doug Lombardi said in a statement to Reuters. Apple gets a cut from in-app purchases downloaded from the App Store. Chinese regulators also forced Apple to remove Microsoft Corp's Skype internet phone and messaging app from the App Store in China. Apple's App Store guidelines ban such a store-within-a-store unless the purchases flow the Apple's infrastructure and pay Apple's cut.

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