Apple Wants $1 Billion From Samsung In Damages Retrial

Apple Wants $1 Billion From Samsung In Damages Retrial

Apple Wants $1 Billion From Samsung In Damages Retrial

Apple's lawyer Bill Lee has said that Samsung made a profit of around $1 billion by violating the company's design patents which Samsung is of the view that it should only be made to pay the amount it made by violating the specific patents and not the entire profits of the devices through which these patents were infringed. The dispute at hand concerns just how much money Samsung has to hand over to Apple.

The trial over damages related to patent infringement also gives a look into how Apple designs its products. Samsung disputed the amount and now the fight is over the amount that's due to the Cupertino company.

Previously Samsung was found guilty of infringing three design patents. especially the front and rear look of the original iPhone's body.

It's not like that Apple has accused Samsung of copying, Samsung has also accused Apple of copying its designing features.

In 2011, Apple sued Samsung claiming the South Korean company's phones, including the Galaxy S2, copied the iPhone in both physical and software design.

Apple and Samsung are facing each other in a California court again for a third trial involving the same set of five patents.

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That figure, according to Samsung, comes to $28 million. Samsung is now urging the jury to minimize the demanded damage recovery sum as much as possible.

Apple wants Samsung to cough up a whopping $1 billion in damages for infringing iPhone design patents. The justices ruled that in the case of a multi-component product like a smartphone, the infringing "article of manufacture" could be the entire phone-as Koh and the Federal Circuit had assumed-but it also might be just one or more of its components.The Supreme Court left it to the Federal Circuit to determine exactly what the infringing "article of manufacture" is on 18 models of Samsung smartphones.

It's been going on for years, the ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple is back in a US Court and the two component buddies, are at each other's throat.

Instead, the judges unanimously decided that an award could be based exclusively on the value of the components involved.

Samsung attorneys, according to Bloomberg, argued this week that the damages should be paid based exclusively based on three "narrow" design patents - which would amount to $28 million. Though the final verdict hasn't come up yet, we need to see what happens in the end.

The two hi-tech behemoths went to court over the designs that have now become commonplace on most popular smartphones, with a court ruling in 2012 in favor of Apple.

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