Argentina investigate World Cup guide on flirting with Russian women

Via Getty Images

Via Getty Images

The governing body of Argentinian soccer, the Argentina Football Association, has come under scrutiny after it was reported that the AFA educated players on how to pick up Russian women.

Setting aside the obvious dubious morals of the whole exercise, it turns out that the manual's author, Eduardo Pennisi, believes Russian women have the same standards as pretty much everyone else on Earth.

Sports journalists planning to travel to the upcoming soccer World Cup in Russia were surprised to receive a "flirting manual" that included a section on "how to have a chance with a Russian girl".

The manual included advice such as: "Russian ladies like men who take initiative".

"The first impression is very important for them, pay attention to your image", the document said in Spanish.

One other a part of the chapter tells the boys travelling to Russia: "Don't ask silly questions on intercourse".

Journalists and AFA officials heading to Russia 2018 will also be given a copy, reports Argentine journal La Jugada Financiera, who say each book includes "advice on how to attract Russian girls". If you don't have it, practise with other women beforehand.

Men are also told: "Do not ask stupid questions about sex". For Russians, sex is something very private and the subject is not discussed in public.

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The doc additionally assures the delegates they are going to discover loads of lovely Russian girls to seduce to allow them to afford to be "selective".

"I'll explain them to you, they will not think it was something out of place, huh?".

"But don't worry, there are many attractive women in Russian Federation and not all of them are right for you".

- "Normally, Russian women pay attention to important things, but of course you will find girls who only pay attention to material things, money, if you are handsome".

The AFA soon realised they had made a mistake and issued a statement on Wednesday.

But according to La Nacion, the AFA is investigating whether it had been sabotaged during the printing process.

'Administrative personnel removed the manuals immediately, ' it added. "We regret that the error would have obscured the importance of the day's lesson and the permanent educational activities given by AFA, and expressing our sincerest apologies to those affected by the publication, which in no way reflects the thoughts of the Argentine Football Association or its president Claudio Tapia or any of of his directions".

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