Asiana jet crashes into Turkish Airlines plane's tail at Istanbul airport

Asian Turkish collision

The remains of the A321's vertical stabilizer. Image

An Asiana Airlines plane crashed into a Turkish Airline jet while taxiing on the runway at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport on Sunday.

No injuries have been reported.

Nobody was hurt in the incident, it said, adding that Korean officials plan to send staff to Istanbul to investigate the incident.

Passengers on the flight have been provided with hotel accommodation, with the cause of the accident now under investigation, according to Asiana Airlines.

A total of 222 passengers and 16 flight attendants were on board the plane.

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The Asiana Airlines A330 (registered HL7792) was taxiing as flight number OZ552 from Istanbul Atatürk to Seoul Incheon, when it struck the Turkish Airlines A321 (TC-JMM).

Footage likely taken with a smartphone camera shows white smoke rising after the main wing of the Asiana severed the tail fin of the Turkish airliner. "The collision resulted in a fire on the Turkish jet, forcing fire crews to rush to the scene".

The Asiana's A330 wide body jetliner was bound for Incheon, scheduled to depart from Turkey at 5:30 p.m. local time.

A video of the incident went viral on YouTube.

236 passengers were aboard the Korean jet, and 217 more aboard the Turkish jet.

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