Britain calls for investigation into Gaza violence

World       by Dawood Rehman | Published

World by Dawood Rehman | Published

It was the bloodiest single day for Palestinians since the 2014 war in Gaza when Israeli warplanes, troops and artillery ravaged a territory that has been called an "open-air prison", killing 2,300 residents and wounded almost 11,000.

More than 2,700 were hurt, 1,360 by gunfire, the ministry said. It remained unclear Tuesday where and how the child died.

Thousands of Palestinians protested near Gaza's border with Israel, as Israel prepared for the festive inauguration of a new U.S. Embassy in contested Jerusalem.

US President Donald Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December and the US Embassy was relocated from Tel Aviv to the holy city.

The opening of the United States embassy in Jerusalem on Monday also meant the symbolic recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital‚ a move which has been condemned internationally as provocative and a threat to peace in the region. These are considered illegal under global law, although Israel disputes this.

He called on Israel to show "greater restraint" in the use of live fire, and said that the inquiry should look into why so much was used.

The ANC parliamentary caucus also condemned the violence and commended the government for withdrawing Ngombane.

In Brussels, Prime Minister Charles Michel called the Israeli actions "unacceptable violence" and said there was a "clear lack of proportionality".

Ireland's foreign ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador to express "shock and dismay" over the bloodshed and called for an independent investigation.

It's been a long time since we last heard them demand that Israel be condemned and restrained. Turkey is recalling its ambassadors to Washington and Tel Aviv for consultations, according to state-run Anadolu Agency.

Last week, the Israeli government said the ongoing border protests constituted a "state of war" in which global humanitarian law did not apply. Haley said during a UN Security Council session on Tuesday.

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"The blockade of Gaza is inhumane and must end", he added.

The military said its troops came under fire in some areas, and said protesters tried to break through the border fence.

The protests were scheduled as part of the Great March of Return and Hamas had said they were being stepped up for Monday and Tuesday in any case.

"For many years we failed to acknowledge the obvious". The death toll provided this evening by Gaza health authorities in Palestine -55 dead and 2271 wounded, including 1359 wounded with live ammunition-is staggering.

Organisers said the day would be set aside for funerals and that turnout for any new protests on the border with Israel would be low. In the West Bank, sirens sounded for 70 seconds Tuesday to mark the "nakba".

The border marches are seen as Hamas' last hope of ending the blockade, which has made it increasingly hard for the group to govern.

A pro-Palestinian demonstrator waves flags during a protest against the US embassy move to Jerusalem, near the Israeli consulate in Istanbul, Turkey May 15, 2018. Two hundred minors were wounded while 30 injured protesters were in critical condition.

It was the deadliest day in Gaza since the 2014 war.

Violence erupted as tens of thousands of Palestinians held angry demonstrations at the Israel-Gaza border.

The White House instead reiterated the Trump administration's refrain, in response to weeks of violence on the Israel-Gaza border, that Israel had a right to defend itself.

It said its aircraft had targeted 11 Hamas sites and tanks fired at "two terror posts belonging to Hamas", accusing the Palestinian Islamist movement of opening fire towards Israeli forces.

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