BT overhauls consumer business with bid to combine mobile and broadband

BT says it will adopt an open super aggregator strategy for its TV offer

BT says it will adopt an open super aggregator strategy for its TV offer

They are part of 24 strategic moves announced today by BT's consumer business chief executive Marc Allera, aimed at encouraging consumers to sign up with BT for their mobile, broadband and wi-fi.

Consumer is now bringing together its market leading mobile, broadband and Wi-Fi networks into one smart, digital network that will give customers seamless connectivity wherever they go.

It will also guarantee your line speeds - with 100Mbps minimum speed on the Ultrafast Fibre Plus service, which will also include a 4G hub as back-up.

For Smart Home lovers, EE will offer compatibility with all the major Smart Home infrastructures including Hive, Google, Homekit and Alexa.

In keeping with this BT will launch two new products so that customers "never again have to think or worry about which network they're connected to" (assuming you've ever felt a need to "worry" about such things - we haven't) - the BT Plus service and the Keep Connected Promise.

Consumer will also increase mobile customers" "Time on 4G' to 99% by 2020, and be first to market with 5G mobile to complement 4G.

He said BT, which owns EE and Plusnet, will provide customers with a joint offering of its fixed-line and mobile networks.

BT is also boosting the power of its public Wi-Fi - the UK's largest public Wi-Fi estate, with more than 12,000 premium hotspots offering. BT Plus customers will benefit from the fastest speeds from BT on broadband and mobile.

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Finally, in a bid to boost customer satisfaction, BT has revealed that all calls will be answered in the United Kingdom by 2020.

Meanwhile EE will seek to be the first United Kingdom network to offer a superfast same-day smartphone delivery and expert set-up service, which will launch in London first, and they'll boost their customer support via augmented reality (AR) customer service tools, EE Remote Support and EE Virtual Support.

Allera said the firm is building a "single core network" meant to support a wider range of converged products will be ready by 2020 across BT's fixed and mobile assets.

Across all three brands, BT Consumer is committing to provide the best and most personal support for customers.

The bonded network technology is just one element of a much wider strategic realignment that is now getting underway at BT Consumer, created to position the entire organisation as a national communications provider of choice.

"The move to support Amazon Prime video positions BT TV as an aggregator of content services", said Pescatore.

Among its many consumer ambitions, BT also announced a partnership with Amazon for its telly services, already having a partnership with Netflix and previously announcing a tie-up with its rival Sky for Now TV.

Britain's biggest telecoms company, BT, aims to reinvigorate its unloved brand by combining the strengths of its fixed-line and mobile networks, it said on Wednesday. This unit will introduce new products and services, from the best content, the latest smartphones and smart home technology, and will create new experiences for customers including the ability to add payments for products and a wide range of services to their mobile bill.

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