County sees better than expected turnout for primary election

The office is located at 20 East Gay Street in Harrisonburg

The office is located at 20 East Gay Street in Harrisonburg

Local voters continue their support of the Clatsop Care Health District by approving a five-year local tax option levy that will allow the district to make needed improvements to their three long-term care facilities, add more transportation service and make technology upgrades.

Ballots went out to Benton County voters almost three weeks ago, but as of Monday afternoon, only 16,037 had been received from Benton County's 56,581 eligible voters for a turnout of 28.34 percent, according to the Benton County Elections Office. For Madison County register of deeds, candidates are Diane Nykodym and Norman Small.

Anyone may vote in the Democratic primary.

Grant County Clerk Marisa Castrillo credited the decrease to efforts by the office of the New Mexico secretary of state to clean up voter rolls.

Voter turnout in Idaho has hovered around 25 percent among registered voters in recent primary election cycles. A primary election can be the deciding election for an office if there is no other competition seeking election for that office.

West Orange, despite canceling its scheduled council election, held a five-item charter change election.

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Each vote in that election cost $29.73. Follow along with daytime election turnout here. "I don't know if that plays a factor, but there's more money spent for advertising on those [county races]".

Because most jurisdictions were still totaling their expenses from the May 6 local election, this survey only asked for the amounts budgeted, or anticipated, last summer.

When you raise your hand to run for public office, when you volunteer to get involved in a campaign for a bond measure or an initiative, you're signing up for sacrifice, whether it's a seemingly endless series of campaign forums or weekend days knocking of doors of mostly disinterested citizens. Only Bridge City ISD's budget was not received.

Blackford County had 8,023 voters registered for the May 8 Primary Election, of which 28.83 percent of voters cast ballots.

Polls close at 8 p.m.

Early figures put turnout at about 23 percent as votes continued to be counted.

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