Expert advises on regular blood pressure check

New efforts to curb high blood pressure in Asia

New efforts to curb high blood pressure in Asia

The biggest challenge in overcoming this is that many people are unaware that they have the condition.

"As we age, blood pressure tends to rise, slowly damaging blood vessels and increasing our risks for heart attack, strokes, kidney damage and other health problems", Reeves said.

Experts say the theme has been chosen because blood pressure checks take no more than five minutes.

"South Africa has seen an exponential growth in hypertension or high BP over the past 20 years", said Professor Bryan Rayner, nephrologist and director of the Hypertension Institute at the University of Cape Town.

Behavioural risk factors are responsible for about 80 percent of coronary heart disease and stroke.

Hypertension is a condition called high blood pressure during which the arterial blood pressure raises to high level from the normal level (120/80 mmHg). But, people often ignore the need for regular check up and visit a doctor only when the blood pressure shoots up. Whole-grains, high-fibre foods, omega-3-rich fish, non-tropical vegetable oils like olive oil, skinless poultry, low-fat dairy products, etc should be included in the diet. This could be the good cholesterol (HDL) or the bad cholesterol (LDL).

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Hypertensive crisis occurs at what time there is a sudden increase in blood pressure, potentially causing organ damage.

High intake of sugar can lead to weight gain which can later lead to obesity. When blood can't flow freely to your heart, you can experience frequent chest pain or irregular heart rhythms. Sometimes this diseases go hand in hand. Men should limit themselves to 9 teaspoons or 36 grams per day. The 2018 campaign #Becauseisayso is a social and global project to promote prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases (including hypertension) both in Georgia and throughout the world.

At the end of the press conference, a video presentation was given, the main participants being Duta Skhirtladze, Nika Tsulukidze, Ana Chiradze, Lela Meburishvili, Giorgi Kekelidze, and Ruska Makashvili, who joined the project as goodwill ambassadors to encourage their parents, friends, relatives and community to look after their health and to control their blood pressure. This narrows the heart chambers and hardens the arteries wall, implying the blood is more likely to clot.

Small to moderate amount of alcohol would do no harm. "A number of risk factors increase the chances of having hypertension".

Currently, it is only the blood pressure test which provides an insight into the level of your blood pressure.

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