Fairfield, Calif., mother faces nine additional felony counts of child abuse

Fairfield, Calif., mother faces nine additional felony counts of child abuse

Fairfield, Calif., mother faces nine additional felony counts of child abuse

California prosecutors say 10 children rescued from a filthy, abusive home were subjected to 'waterboarding, ' shot with crossbows and had scalding water poured on them. There was so much debris that some areas of the home were unaccessible, according to Fairfield Police.

The children's father, 29-year-old Jonathan Allen, pleaded not guilty to charges of torture and child cruelty and is being held on $5.2 million bail.

The allegations have been a part of prosecutors' try to have the kids's mom Ina Rogers' bail elevated after she was charged with 9 counts of felony youngster abuse on Wednesday.

When police searched the Northern California home of Ina Rogers and Jonathan Allen and their 10 children, they said they found disgusting conditions.

"Based upon what the children stated in their interviews, we believe torture occurred in this house", Henry said at a news conference.

- A Fairfield father of 10, who is accused of torturing his children, spoke out from the Solano County jail on Tuesday.

The children's accounts of their abuse led authorities to issue a warrant for Allen's arrest. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges. DA says Fairfield kids waterboarded, shot with crossbowsThirty-year-old Ina Rogers has publicly called herself an fantastic mother, but she was booked into the Solano County Jail on nine felony counts of child abuse on top of a previous child endangerment charge.

Despite the gruesome charges against Allen, Rogers continues to stand by her man.

While police claimed some of the abuse was carried out for a "sadistic" goal, they have declined to reveal what that abuse entailed.

"She has other motives and has conjured up these ideas of torture", Rogers said.

This booking mug released May 14, 2018, by the Solano County Sheriff's Office shows Jonathan Allen. She said her daughter failed to get on the school bus on her first day of kindergarten and was later found talking to a stranger and his dog at the school, she said.

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Allen told a KCRA TV reporter on Monday that the children were the victims of brainwashing into thinking they had been abused. The children, authorities said, were home-schooled.

She denied Monday her husband had abused the children.

"I'm easily judged because I'm 31 years old and I have 11 children", said Rogers.

Rogers is now caring for several of the children while the others are with relatives, the network reported.

Allen's mother, Peggy Allen, told the AP she had spoken to her son about the importance of housekeeping and Christian values - but that Allen avoided her and kept his relatives away from the children. They located the missing 12-year-old sleeping under a bush in a neighbor's yard and returned him to the home.

Rogers said she works the graveyard shift as an EKG technician at a heart monitoring company and her husband is a tattoo artist.

Rogers gave journalists a tour of the house, a four-bedroom home with scuffed walls and animal feces in the bathroom.

"It was obviously unsanitary and not a condition that children - or any human probably - should be living in at the time", Fairfield police Lt. Greg Hurlbut said Monday.

"The truth is that it is a functioning household", he said. She will be back in court next week and her preliminary hearing is set for Friday. She also faces 1 count of child neglect involving all 10 children. NBC reported that prosecutors said the children were being beaten, starved, and tied to beds. She said that they had a baby when they first moved in and another baby late a year ago.

Ina Rogers, 31, told reporters that she had one prior interaction with child welfare officials when her mother "had mentioned something" that prompted a home visit.

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