Fortnite Patch Delayed, New Downtime Announced

Fortnite Patch Delayed, New Downtime Announced

Fortnite Patch Delayed, New Downtime Announced

Epic Loot Games, a hobby shop located in OH, has been given a ton of unwanted attention ever since Fortnite exploded into a cultural phenomenon. Epic Games has yet to notify players of when the update will go live, though we're sure the developer will release some more information sooner rather than later.

The Fortnite 4.2 patch notes have yet to be released, as they will coincide with the launch of the v4.2 update. The ones that seem to be affected include Search Rubber Duckies and Watch a Match Replay. Epic Games has promised to update players once they have "a more accurate time frame".

The new patch is set to deliver a new weapon in a Burst Assault Rifle, while you can check out the list of new weekly challenges below.

This can be done using the shoulder buttons on a controller, or by using mouse, if on PC.

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The team over at Epic Games took to their Twitter account to share the revamped schedule, sharing that the update will be going live on May 16th with downtime beginning at 4 AM ET/6 AM central.

This might even be why today's update has been delayed, due to last minutes problems with the feature. On the other hand, we heard that Epic Loot Games' servers suck too.

There's no word from Epic Games as to whether this is an issue that's being worked on, but knowing the studio it won't be long until there's some news, or a patch.

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