‘Fortnite’ Playground LTM Lets Players Respawn, Many Fixes Due in 4.3

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‘Fortnite’ Playground LTM Lets Players Respawn, Many Fixes Due in 4.3

This fifth installment gave players and fans a look at what's coming up in the near future for the game from changes to additions and more.

Epic Games tweeted the news via the official Fortnite Twitter account, noting that the mode had some sort of "issue" that had forced the developer to disable the mode while the team investigates.

Epic hasn't specified exact numbers yet, but there will be "an extended period of time to roam around the map as well as increased resource generation".

There will also be a ton of llamas.for some reason.

Fortnite Playground Mode is but one of the many new additions that players can expect very, very soon. Track what you've completed and plan out your strategy for the remainder of the match or your next one! Friendly fire will be turned on by default so you can get into some practice firefights with your squad.

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In upcoming updates, 'Fortnite's Victory Royale screen will get an overhaul. Future updates will also offer features such as in-world markers, challenge progress notifications, a Victory Royale screen for a game victor to relish, a high-resolution mini-map and improved audio to help players hear someone trying to creep up on them.

High-resolution mini map-The ability to zoom in on the map was added in a recent update, but the resolution of the image isn't quite as good as we want it to be.

Better Footstep and Vertical Audio-Our v4.2 update had some footstep audio improvements, where we added slightly more variation to above/below sounds.

The game also offers a season subscription called the Battle Pass that's priced at approximately $10, as well as other gameplay modes beyond the free Battle Royale game type for an additional fee.

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