Fujifilm Unveils New Square Format Instax Camera

Fujifilm Unveils New Square Format Instax Camera

Fujifilm Unveils New Square Format Instax Camera

The instant camera is created to meet the growing demand of square format film prints especially among the younger generations.

Fujifilm has announced the Instax Square SQ6, its first fully analogue, square-format instant camera. For those the most part the SQ6 will function similarly to other Fujifilm Instax camera where it will let photographers take photos and print them instantly, but the main difference would be that the format printed will be square. The flash will automatically adjust exposure, too, so you don't end up blowing out your subject or losing the background to darkness.

There's also a selfie mode that adjusts the focus and brightness to take better close-ups. There are three color filters in orange, purple, and green, that can fit over the flash and add a tinge to photos.

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For creative photography, the SQ6 provides three unique modes: a double exposure mode for superimposing two exposures onto a single instant photo, a macro mode for shooting subjects as close as 30cm (~1 foot), and a landscape mode for shooting scenic photos. Available in pearl white, blush gold, and graphite gray, the body also houses an optical viewfinder placed off to one side. The shutter speed range is 1.6 seconds to 1/400s. A mirror on the front assists with shooting selfies. The square Instax film has also been used by Fujiflim for its Instax Share SP-3 printer. The SQ6 uses two CR2/ DL CR2 lithium batteries - battery life is said to last for approximately 30 of the 10-shot packs.

Fujifilm says the SQ6 release date will be 25 May.

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