Google Wi-Fi Can Now Test Speeds On Individual Devices

Image lionel bonaventure  FP  Getty Images

Image lionel bonaventure FP Getty Images

The Network Check feature is about to get better though, with the ability to measure how each individual connected device is performing on your wireless network. Then, open the overflow menu and tap on "Test device speed".

Google Wifi solved the problem of patchy Wi-Fi in my home and it's fair to say I'm a big fan of the company's mesh solution.

When Google Wifi was launched in 2016, the Network Check feature was already included in the Google Wifi app, but it only tested the connection of the phone or tablet where it was installed as the user walked around the house to check for any dead zones. It's a popup on the same info screen.

Once the test completes, results are broken down by which devices are connected to each access point.

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In a post Google explains, 'Knowing Wi-Fi coverage is poor in an area of your home can help you pinpoint the exact bottleneck when you notice a connectivity slowdown.

According to Google, the new feature will roll out over the coming weeks.

Once you know which devices aren't getting great connection, you can move them closer to your router for better speed, or move your router closer to them.

Google estimates that the average household has 18 devices connected to their network. However, I updated the iOS version of the Google Wifi app on Tuesday and gained access to the new Network Check tool.

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