Kangaroo in Clarks Hill gets people hopping

Rogue Kangaroo Spotted on South Carolina Highway

Police called to reports of rogue kangaroo on US highway

A pet kangaroo was seen hopping along the side of a SC highway on Monday.

Officials say it is legal to have a pet kangaroo in SC and the owner had all the proper documents.

The sheriff's office posted a photo of the kangaroo captioned, "When you get dispatched to an animal in the road and this is what you find".

Obviously, kangaroos are not native to SC.

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"My mom's friend saw it one night and told everyone at a party, they all called him insane", writes Lee Dammon in the comments section of a Facebook post by McCormick County Sheriff's Office.

Local news reported the kangaroo was later captured and returned to its owner, a licensed exotic animal farm.

There is no state law that prohibits someone from owning a kangaroo, according to Capt. Robert McCullough of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources.

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