Man Threatens to Call ICE on Restaurant Staff, Customer Who Spoke Spanish

Obtained by ABC News

Obtained by ABC News

"They where on there [sic] lunch time and ordering there [sic] food and just because they where speaking in Spanish to the waiter this [expletive] jumps in and started to call the waiter and my wife and her best friend all types of names and threatened to call I.C.E on them and the employees!"

When the worker tried to answer him they are bilingual and therefore they speak in both languages, the man did not accept it: "This is America", he exclaimed. "If they have the balls to come here and live off my money, I pay for their welfare, I pay for their ability to be here the least they can do is speak English", he says.

The video, uploaded to Facebook by Edward Suazo, has been viewed more than 1.8 million times since being posted on Tuesday, May 15.

In the video above, a woman can be heard defending the employee.

"Honey, I'm calling ICE", the man said as he whipped out his own phone and lunged closer to the camera. Keeping your voice at a certain level is important, as well as making eye contact with other people who are there to see if they will join you in intervening.

When confronted by an employee of the cafe, the man continued to yell at the women and threatened to call ICE.

Obtained by ABC News
Obtained by ABC News

Ironically, Schlossberg's website is a lot more tolerant of non-English speakers than he apparently is, as one Twitter user noted.

"I love the way people are just throwing that world around lately!"

"You know where I'm getting!" He said his wife, her friend, and employees witnessed the rant and were victimized by it.

King claims he has spoken to a number of Muslim leaders who say Schlossberg "has randomly stalked and harassed them over the past few years".

While the lawyer turns red and points at the offending employees, the manger interjects, acknowledging that sometimes his employees speak Spanish with Spanish-speaking customers. "Take a break from the food", the man says before walking away, to which the woman responds, "Maybe you should get hit by a auto, you piece of [expletive]!"

"He's a customers, so I had to stay professional and ask him to leave", the manager told the Daily News.

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