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It has been great to witness the upturn in mental health awareness over the past few years with more business leaders, celebrities and even the royal family talking about the issue.

The Mental Health Foundation, who initiated the campaign, have put together a guide, with an introduction to what stress is, what the signs of stress are, what simple steps you can take when feeling stressed and provide practical advice for preventing it.

The message is to recognise Mental Health Awareness Week during the industry's Radio Audio Week.

All of us live increasingly busy lives in and it is all too easy to feel overwhelmed by our many responsibilities whether it's work commitments, financial worries, difficulties in relationships or the pressures of social media and information overload. And yet it is still much harder for most of us to talk about our mental, rather than our physical, health and this is no different in the workplace.

"Two thirds of us experience a mental health problem in our lifetime, with stress often being a key factor".

Rachel Suff, senior employment relations adviser at CIPD, said: "We're seeing a significant increase in the number of reported mental health issues among employees in United Kingdom organisations".

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"It is clear from this report there is still some way to go to make sure that stigma does not get in the way of open conversations about mental health".

We know we need to listen to stakeholders, people working in mental health services and of course, the people who have personally used those services, when we are developing policy.

You can also observe Mental Health Awareness Month by other means also, like by getting a mental health checkup, attending a local community advocacy event, or by getting certified in Mental Health First Aid.

People with mental health problems are being failed when it comes to housing, which is why on 3 May 2018 national MIND launched its Housing and Mental Health campaign.

"Bank of Scotland Foundation's new fund is a great example of one of Scotland's prominent funders showing their commitment to helping improve mental health and access to support".

All of this work is underpinned by a significant financial commitment of £150 million over five years. While among the 20.2 million adults in the USA who have experienced a substance use disorder, about 50.5%-10.2 million adults-had a co-occurring mental illness. "Listening is such an important thing".

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