New volcanic fissure in Hawaii opens; brings total to 19

New volcanic fissure in Hawaii opens; brings total to 19

New volcanic fissure in Hawaii opens; brings total to 19

Almost 20 fissures have opened since the Kilauea volcano started erupting 12 days ago, and officials warn it may soon blow its top with a massive steam eruption that would shoot boulders and ash miles into the sky.

Geologists warned last week that at some point in the days and...

Authorities issued evacuation orders via cellphone early Sunday morning when am 18th fissure was discovered.

The U.S. Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory says geologists in the field have determined a fissure that opened Saturday did not emit any lava.

The USGS warned that fissures could erupt throughout the area, and Civil Defense officials on Sunday ordered people living on Halekamahina Road to evacuate and be on the alert for gas emissions and lava spatter.

Hawaii County Civil Defense officials reported a new fissure opening on Monday, bringing the total number of fissures in the volcanic eruption outbreak to 19. Lava has destroyed more than 40 structures, including two dozen homes. "As of late today, activity was dominated by lava fountaining, explosion of spatter bombs hundreds of feet into the air, and several advancing lava flow lobes moving generally northeast from fissure 17 at the downrift (northeast) end of the new fissure system". "When that happens, we can have a very explosive steam eruption here at the summit, which could send a shower of rock and ash all over the we're closing the park".

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They are ordering residents on that road to evacuate.

The authorities of the Hawaiian Big Island have ordered local residents to evacuate from the Pune area, located near the Kilauea volcano.

Nearby resident Richard Schott, 34, watched from a police checkpoint as the eruption churned just over a ridgeline and behind some trees. "It's like a nuclear reaction or something".

"We've got all the warning signs we need", Steve Brantley, the deputy scientist-in-charge at the HVO, said in an interview with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

"In a way, it's kind of exciting to see what's going on and be this close to it", Christian Ricks said. Plant workers last week as a precaution removed 50,000 gallons (189,265 liters) of a flammable gas stored at the site.

With all the activity on near the volcano, concerns are still growing that Kilauea could soon explode, sending ash, steam, and giant boulders high into the air.

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