People warned away as lava plunges into ocean

A lava flow and map of Hawaii

Getty Google Maps Until now the neighbourhoods which previously sat on top of the open fissures have suffered most

Lava flows have grown more vigorous in past days, spattering molten rock that hit a man in the leg. It was just offshore and running parallel to the coast, said U.S. Geological Survey scientist Wendy Stovall.

That's producing laze, a unsafe mix of lava and haze, which is adding to the ongoing challenges.

If the winds die down, the cloud could flatten.

Over the weekend, a man sitting on his porch was hit in the leg by a lava bomb, leaving him seriously hurt, according to Hawaii County Civil Defense Administrator Talmadge Magno. "Getting too close to the lava can result in serious injury or death", Lt. Cmdr. The plume can lead to lung damage and eye and skin irritation.

Authorities are warning those in the affected areas to stay indoors with windows closed and to drive with caution.

The US Coast Guard has enforced a safety zone extending 300 metres from where the lava has entered the ocean. They've said the fresher, hotter magma from Kilauea's summit could run underground and emerge 25 miles away in the lower Puna district where dozens of homes have already been destroyed by older, cooler lava.

May 12, 2018: The US Geological Survey said a recent lowering of the lava lake at the volcano's Halemaumau crater Òhas raised the potential for explosive eruptions at the volcano.

USGS showing current activity
Twitter USGSThis USGS map shows the current activity and lava flows and where the lava is meeting the ocean

He said Sunday that lava is flowing into the sea in a sparsely inhabited area of larger properties. Hawaii National Guard has warned of more mandatory evacuations if further highways are blocked. The lava is moving inconsistently and with a frequently shifting rate of flow, according to the agency.

Lava flows at a new fissure in the aftermath of eruptions from the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island. Highway 130 was open to residents, but cracks that began forming on the road also threatened to shut down that route. It's a hydrochloric acid steam cloud that billows into the air, along with fine particles of glass.

Deadly white clouds of acid and fine shards of glass boiled into the sky over Hawaii on Monday as lava from the Kilauea volcano flowed into the ocean, creating a new hazard from a more than two-week eruption.

The saga of a Hawaii volcano's impact on rural communities is heading into its third week.

The volcano has caused nearly two dozen fissures to crack the Earth's surface open - purging fountains of lava and unsafe sulfur dioxide.

These lava flows, while devastating for homes in the way of these flows, will gradually add new land to the Big Island, continuing a long geologic history of natural island-building.

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