Photo of college graduate wearing AR-10 rifle goes viral

Kaitlin Bennett with her gun

Kaitlin Bennett with her gun

Kent State University graduate, Kaitlin Bennett, went viral for taking a parting shot at her school's anti-gun policy Sunday.

Moreover, Kent State has a policy against allowing students to open carry on campus, although open carry is legal in Ohio.

Kaitlin Bennett posted the photo, which has more than 8,400 likes and 1,800 retweets, on Twitter Sunday night.

Two days later, Bennett followed up on the post by tweeting, "I have no apologies for my graduation photos". I ought to have been in a position to take action as a scholar - particularly since four unarmed college students had been shot and killed by the federal government on this campus. "I discover it insulting that the varsity values the lives of their company greater than these attending the college for 4 years".

'Students, staff, faculty, and third parties doing business with the university are further prohibited from possessing, storing, or using a deadly weapon while outside on university grounds, that is owned, operated or leased by the university, ' the rules state.

Bennett also decorated her graduation cap with a firearm and the popular saying for gun rights activists, "Come and take it".

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"Graduates are no longer considered students and would be permitted to open-carry, per the university policy", said Eric Mansfield, the school's executive director of media relations. The university has a full-time, certified police force of more than 30 sworn officers who protect the campus.

'Now that I graduated from Kent State, I can finally arm myself on campus, ' Bennett wrote in the post.

Bennett mentioned although she's acquired demise threats due to her submit, she has no regrets.

In one tweet, she wrote that the AR-10 'fires at the same rate as any modern pistol, ' not an assault rifle. "As a woman, I refuse to be a victim & the second amendment ensures that I don't have to be".

"Don't talk about gun control", Bennett wrote, "when you can't even get your facts straight".

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