Pixel Buds new gestures: Tappin more

Pixel Buds new gestures: Tappin more

Pixel Buds new gestures: Tappin more

Google's Pixel Buds are... divisive. Today, Google begins rolling out an update to address a couple of those things.

Back in March, we mistakenly reported that the Pixel Buds had received an update which enabled the double-tap gesture for track advancement. Anything you can do on your phone through the Assistant, you can with the Pixel Buds - so long as they're connected to your phone, anyway. Users can tap their right-ear Pixel Bud three times quickly to turn on or off.

By default, a double tap gets Google to read your notifications out loud; the new function is definitely something I'd use more often. To activate this setting, users will need to go into Pixel Buds settings inside the Google Assistant app. The Google Pixel Buds are receiving two new gestures for easier usability and music controls. That's not the sort of tap you're going to do accidentally.

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We didn't like the Pixel Buds in our review of them previous year, thanks to a confusing Assistant experience, weird charging case, one-fit-for-all sizing, single Bluetooth connection, and the lack of controls like the ability to skip a track without voice. It will then switch devices to the new one.

Maybe I'm being too picky, but I wish on/off were active quadruple-tap. Even still, there have been a number of highly requested features since their launch, and Google has listened and is introducing two new gestures and Bluetooth switching on-device. The update rolls out beginning today and should be available to most users by early next week.

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