PUBG Mobile Getting Miramar Map and More in Update 0.50

PUBG Mobile Gets Desert Map Miramar in Newest Update

PUBG Mobile Getting Miramar Map and More in Update 0.50

A lot of mobile ports of bigger games can end up being half-baked afterthoughts and that, like its mobile competitor, is what makes PUBG Mobile genuinely stand out. This map not only offers new areas to explore, but new weapons and vehicles, too.

The second most popular battle royale game on the App Store (for the time being), PUBG Mobile, received one of its biggest updates since launch on Tuesday.

Miramar has been in the PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds since late 2017, although it has yet to come to the Xbox. The most notable changes are the Miramar map, the start of season 2, progress missions, the secret stash, local quick teams, and a region system.

In this post, we'll go over everything you need to know about the May PUBG Mobile update.

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The official discord has also released the patch notes for the massive new update. As previously mentioned, the Sanhok jungle map is not yet available for PUBG Mobile, and Tencent hasn't given any indication of when fans can expect it to come to the game. Players can now collect rewards for progression when reaching new levels and take on new weekly activity missions.

- Added Regions: now you can choose your region and flag.

Other additions include a local quick team feature, where can team up with friends who are in the same room by simply entering a 6-digit code.

Elsewhere, PUBG Mobile also has a shop doing the rounds, which allows players to fork out for cosmetic goodies and something called 'Secret Stash, ' which dishes out various special items on the cheap.

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