Ron Howard: I expect Star Wars movie Solo to be controversial

Han Solo's Blas Tech DL-44 blaster used by actor Harrison Ford in the filming of

Ron Howard: I expect Star Wars movie Solo to be controversial

Donald Glover plays the very loveable Lando Calrissian in the recent Star Wars film and in a recent chat with Sirius XM's Entertainment Weekly Radio he expressed his interest in doing a Lando centric film if it ever came to be.

However, now Lando himself - or at least Donald Glover - has said he agrees with this interpretation of the character. "He said, 'You did a good job.' That was all I wanted, all I needed". I mean, yeah, whatever. That's because our own Chris Evangelista says, "Solo is a hell of a lot of fun".

Glover also explained how much he enjoys being in a Star Wars film separate from the usual Skywalker narrative "because it's nearly like the Bible".

As if we didn't already know the Millennium Falcon is the coolest spaceship in the galaxy, along comes this brisk reminder. It's like, no, only guys or girls. No, it's anything. This thing is literally a blob.

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Harrison Ford is still the lovable rogue that audiences fell in love with in 1977 when he debuted his Han Solo character in original Star Wars trilogy. This all may take place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but this Lando's card-up-the-sleeve horny-coward act was stale in our universe well before Billy Dee Williams first got cast in the role. He prefers being in a world where "we're just like hustlers and gamblers and space pirates, essentially, so you can do a lot more and have a lot more fun".

"I remember that scene fondly", said Joonas Suotamo, who plays Chewbacca. "So using a variety of digital compositing software and some editing tricks I tried to make that happen".

Additionally, some fans, having seen Lando flirt with Leia Organa in The Empire Strikes Back, considered this confirmation as the character being heterosexual, ignoring the fact that Lando would feasibly flirt with a woman while also being pansexual. The questions I'm asking myself when I'm reading scripts are, 'Why is someone making this movie now, where's the relevance?' and that's going to be a narrative throughout the rest of my career choices.

How many of you are showing up in capes to see Lando?

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