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Admittedly, a film like Deadpool is hard to replicate and although Deadpool 2 lacks the immediate novelty value of its predecessor, the filmmakers still plant the film with multiple humourous fourth wall breaking jokes and enjoyable action sequences.

The pop icon recently recorded the original tune Ashes for the new movie, and even formed an unlikely duo with Reynolds' anti-hero alter ego for the amusing music video, which was shot by the film's director, David Leitch, at Las Vegas' The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, where Celine stages her concert residency. Julian Dennison's young mutant Russell is given a fairly simple arc, but the actor gets some solid chuckles, too. It's not as overfilling as the first Deadpool, and from a nerd standpoint it had a little more respect for the chrome giant Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) than its predecessor.

There's also one part where Deadpool made fun of Cable's height.

Even though this film lacks the surprise element when it comes to the comedy because we knew what to expect coming into it, it still manages to be funnier than the first one, which speaks to the quality of the writing by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Reynolds. Cable (Josh Brolin) has come from the future to kill Firefist because apparently he grows up to be a murderer and kills his family. The twists and turns and all the storytelling shenanigans are merely fuel for the gags, but a pretty high-octane fuel at that.

We go to the movies to be entertained, and Deadpool 2 delivers just that.

However, one needn't worry about that yet.

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You'll find yourself laughing more than gasping throughout the movie, unlike Infinity War.

Sadly, Wade's other deceased X-Force teammates Bedlam, Vanisher, Shatterstar and Zeitgeist (played by Terry Crews, Brad Pitt, Lewis Tan and Bill Skarsgaard respectively) don't get the same treatment.

Throughout the film, Deadpool takes digs at everything and everyone within the superhero universe. They're also infused with plenty of laugh-out-loud humour. The sequel is directed by Atomic Blonde and John Wick helmer David Leitch and stars Reynolds, Brianna Hildebrand, and Josh Brolin as villain Cable. Reynolds crashed Colbert's opening monologue in character as Deadpool and proceeded to tell jokes about Donald Trump with his trademark raunch.

You will surely see inconsistencies in the local version and the global release due to the censorship. He is one of the producers and writers of Deadpool 2 after all, so he must've taken control of that aspect. But even so, there are still some solid one-liners in here. Especially if, like me, you're suffering from a bad case of superhero fatigue.

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