The first full-screen smartphone is coming on June 12

Vivo Apex Release Date

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A video demo of the Vivo Apex follows below, via Unbox Therapy. Now the company has released information hinting that the phone will be launched on June 12 in Shanghai, China.

Back in MWC when Vivo showcased the device, it was still in prototype stage but now the company is promoting the handset for what appears to be a debut in June 2018. If the final product is going to be exactly like the prototype, the Vivo Apex may also be the first smartphone to use half of its screen has one large fingerprint scanner, reducing the need to accurately hit a almost invisible sensor. Details about the price of the new smartphone are yet to be confirmed.

You may recall one of the random stars of MWC, a Vivo phone that featured an all-display design without a notch, thanks to a clever pop-up selfie camera mechanism.

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The specifications of the Vivo APEX show that the smartphone will have dual-SIM functionality but it is going to be running the FunTouch OS. To deliver a full-screen user experience, the Vivo APEX also has embedded ambient and proximity sensors under the display. It will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC.

The main smartphone design trend this year is to create all-screen smartphones that look exactly like the iPhone X. Well, nearly exactly like Apple's flagship, as there's n Android-device that copies the notch, or the phone itself, perfectly.

Synaptics has promised its Clear ID FS9500 sensor will accurately recognise a fingerprint in just 0.7-seconds, which played out during hands-on tests at the event. It features a camera tucked inside that elevates from the top. Overall, there is a 7.8mm of thickness. This works as an earpiece as well as a loudspeaker.

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