Tragedy as two climbers die on Everest

Legendary Japanese climber found dead on Mount Everest

Legendary Japanese climber found dead on Mount Everest

Veteran Japanese climber Nobukazu Kuriki died on Mount Everest Monday as he attempted his eighth ascent to the world's tallest peak.

Kuriki was among 346 climbers with permits to climb Mount Everest from the Nepal side this season.

Kuriki, 35, died in the morning near Camp II of the mountain at an altitude of 6,400 meters, Tourism Ministry official Gyanendra Shrestha said from Everest Base Camp.

The bodies were retrieved from the mountain on Monday and were flown by helicopters to Kathmandu, where they were expected to have autopsies. According to an official, the climber died during an attempt to climb Mount Everest.

The death of the climber, Nobukazu Kuriki, brought the death toll on the mountain to three this month. The Japan Times reported that Kuriki slipped and fell, and earlier reports said he was found dead in his tent.

Tragedy as two climbers die on Everest

Kuriki was a known mountaineer who climbed many mountains and made several attempts on Everest.

"I feel the pain and difficulty of this mountain", a post said.

Nepal has allowed more than 340 foreign climbers to ascend the peak during the current season, which started in March and continues through this month.

Kuriki was a "true alpinist" who was accompanied by a large film crew shooting his Himalayan adventure, according to Alan Arnett, a US blogger on mountaineering. He was not successful in climbing Everest and lost most of his fingers due to frostbite during an attempt in 2012.

A Sherpa guide and a Macedonian climber died on Everest this season.

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