United Kingdom to boost shale gas production to develop the industry

United Kingdom to boost shale gas production to develop the industry

United Kingdom to boost shale gas production to develop the industry

The Ministers stressed any new developments would be subject to tight regulation, detailing how the government sees "an opportunity to work with industry on innovation to create a "UK Model" - the world's most environmentally robust onshore shale gas sector - and to explore export opportunities from this model, a core theme of our modern industrial strategy".

Permission to frack would also be the remit of a central government agency and not local councils; the representatives of local people.

The UK government on Thursday set out plans to accelerate the drilling approval process for shale gas in England as part of a new push to exploit the country's vast unconventional gas resources and reduce dependence on imports.

However, it is impossible to know exactly how much shale gas might be underground - and, more importantly, how much can be extracted - until fracking has started in earnest.

Industry welcomed the government's move.

"The government's plans pervert the planning process and could make England's landscape a wild west for whatever cowboy wants to start drilling and digging up our countryside".

The Scottish government outlawed fracking a year ago after a public consultation found overwhelming opposition to it.

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Fracking opponents have reacted with anger after ministers unveiled measures to help projects through the planning system, which campaigners said would make drilling a shale well as easy as building a conservatory.

"We are pleased it is also recognised, as we ourselves are proving in Lancashire, that shale gas can and does deliver important economic benefits". "Britain's fracking experiment was on life support and now the government is trying its best to shock it back into life". This will include setting up a Shale Environmental Regulator and new Planning Brokerage Service which would focus exclusively on the planning process and will have no role in the consideration or determination of planning applications.

Planning laws on fracking might be relaxed following a government announcement today. "These timelines must improve if the country is to benefit from its own, much needed, indigenous source of gas".

But their concerns were dismissed by petrochemicals giant Ineos, which said delays in exploiting United Kingdom gas was leading the country to become dependent on imports from Russian Federation and the Middle East.

Rebecca Newsome, Head of politics for Greenpeace UK, said: "After seven years of fracking doing less than nothing to help our economy, the government's still going all out for shale, and still trampling over democracy to prop up this collapsing industry".

Companies including Ineos, Cuadrilla and Third Energy have been bogged in planning battles with local authorities.

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