Wagner is GOP pick to face Wolf in November

Wagner is GOP pick to face Wolf in November

Wagner is GOP pick to face Wolf in November

Laura Ellsworth - a commercial litigation attorney and former chairwoman of the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce - stayed out of the fray and made that choice part of her campaign, the station noted.

Wagner bested his opponents, both of Allegheny County, in a three-way race in Tuesday's primary by sweeping up victories primarily in the central and northwestern portions of the state. But back in 2014, I put everything I had into what many said was a insane, "un-winnable" write-in campaign for the state senate. During the primary, Mango said the governor's race would be over by Memorial Day if Wagner won the GOP nomination. Mango thanked his supporters and volunteers for their help in a hard campaign that lasted 16 months.

Wolf's campaign manager Jeff Sheridan issued a statement on Tuesday evening, saying Wagner is not on their side "and his record of obstruction makes clear he will take Pennsylvania backward".

"I would cut the "back-office, amusing business" that goes on financially", she said.

"It's unbelievable how negative they are and what that tends to do is to drive up what we call "the negatives" of a candidate", Madonna said. "And while we didn't achieve our goal, we must all remain focused on the most important goal, which is defeat Gov. Tom Wolf in November of this year". I think what that shows is there's a large number of people who are looking for an alternative.

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Alhadeff is running for a Parkland-based seat, while Petty is filing for a county-based seat that is now held by a Gov. But they have to feel safe. "The PROMISE program needs to be revamped", Alhadeff said Tuesday.

"I'm going to be a governor who leads the charge".

Wagner fashions himself as a garbage man coming to clean up a profligate state government that chokes the economy with regulations and taxes.

"We emerge from the primary stronger and are better prepared to meet the challenge we will face this fall".

Scott Wagner, the Pennsylvania state senator running as an outside conservative reformer, has clinched the Republican nomination for governor in November.

Wolf likely will attack Wagner as posing a danger to programs for children, schools and seniors, while Wagner likely will attack Wolf as a serial tax hiker, an out-of-touch elitist and a lousy leader. Wagner and Wolf live in York County. Republican State Sen. Randy Vulakovich, as well as Democrats Dom Costa and Paul Costa.

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