Whole Foods sales items get even cheaper for Amazon Prime members

The annual cost for prime membership is expected to rise 20-percent from $99 a year to $119

The annual cost for prime membership is expected to rise 20-percent from $99 a year to $119

To get the discount, Prime members will have to scan the Whole Foods app at checkout, after signing into the app with their Prime membership.

Whole Foods has debuted a loyalty program that offers special discounts to Amazon Prime customers.

Sucharita Kodali, an analyst at Forrester Research, said the discounts were likely to hurt the profit margins at Whole Foods - but that was besides the point if the move strengthens Prime, a major focus of Amazon these days.

So far, the perks are available in Florida and will roll out to all other stores starting this summer.

The following deals will be offered to Prime members in Florida stores from May 16 through May 22. The company says it ultimately plans to make Amazon Prime the Whole Foods Market customer rewards program. However this is an interesting idea, tying together this idea of providing fresh foods at a good price to Prime members.

The additional discount will apply to hundreds of products throughout the stores. Alternately, they can opt in to use their phone number at checkout, if preferred.

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"There have been gradual steps towards integrating Amazon and Whole Foods".

Amazon has also set up a dedicated site for more information about the discount program (amazon.com/primesavings).

The companies also launched two-hour delivery from Whole Foods via Amazon's Prime Now service in 10 cities across the US, with more to come this year, Amazon says. Eligible Prime members also receive 5% back on Whole Foods purchases when using the Amazon Prime Visa card.

And the stores themselves are serving as the brick-and-mortar presence for Amazon's online store, with things like Amazon Lockers, support for returns, and the ability to shop Amazon hardware, like Echo speakers and Fire TV.

Amazon has already fiddled with prices at Whole Foods to refashion its image as wallet-busting seller of healthy foods.

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