With few options, Iran, Europe try to save nuclear deal

With few options, Iran, Europe try to save nuclear deal

With few options, Iran, Europe try to save nuclear deal

Perhaps Trump will put Pompeo front and center to mop up the pieces of the Iran deal.

Merkel, speaking in the western German city of Muenster on Friday, said Trump's latest blow to trans-Atlantic relations, on top of his withdrawal from the Paris climate accord and trade disputes, made clear that the world's multilateral institutions are "in real crisis". To the contrary, he has signaled he wants out of Syria, thereby ceding to Iran and Russian Federation a dominant position.

However, Washington's decision to pull out of the worldwide nuclear deal and its threat to reimpose sanctions on firms doing business in Iran has cast fresh doubt over this new trade.

Many European diplomats doubt privately that the 2015 accord between Iran and six world powers can survive the reimposition of USA sanctions ordered by Trump, but the European powers will say that they stick by the terms of the 2015 pact giving Iran sanctions relief in return for an end to its nuclear ambitions. It also points to a refusal to accept that Trump's decision on Iran, fulfilling a campaign pledge to US voters, should be allowed to upend a global agreement negotiated over years and which worldwide observers say is working.

"For the first time, Iran has the chance to show the world they are not the rogue nation they are always presented as, that they negotiated in good faith and keep to their commitments", said Karim Emile Bitar of the Institute for global and Strategic Studies in Paris.

"It is most important to point out that certain elements of Iran's policy in the region, and also its missile program, have aroused the resentment of the United States and its allies", Ryabkov said.

Officials of JCPOA announcing the agreement on Iran nuclear deal on 14 July 2015
Officials of JCPOA announcing the agreement on Iran nuclear deal on 14 July 2015

With zero evidence, Bolton insists the Europeans will leave the Iran deal. Companies that are importing Iranian oil are already looking for alternative sources.

A protester chants slogans against the visit of Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif during a demonstration outside the European Union Council in Brussels, Belgium on May 15.

According to Asa Fitch, reporting in The Wall Street Journal, the simmering anger voiced by protesters is being stoked by Tehran's corrupt and politically-empowered elite who are siphoning off Iran's wealth. They will allow the regime to label any genuine progressive or revolutionary opposition as an expression of support for the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Some good has come out of the Iranian deal, such as Iran sending Russian Federation much of its super-enriched uranium while getting all kinds of natural uranium back, but it was Obama who facilitated the US departure. It let Iran keep its nuclear infrastructure and keep enriching uranium if not by as much.

Just at a time when a wave of labor protests and strikes has spread throughout the country following the December and January mass protests which called for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic and an end to its intervention in Syria and Lebanon, the sanctions and a possible direct war will have deadly effects.

She also noted that all remaining parties had agreed to find practical solutions over the coming weeks, including continuing to sell Iran's oil and gas products, maintaining effective banking transactions and protecting European investments in Iran. Great things can happen for the peace and stability of the Middle East.

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