920,000 displaced in Syria in 2018, highest since conflict began

920,000 displaced in Syria in 2018, highest since conflict began

920,000 displaced in Syria in 2018, highest since conflict began

Fifteen Syrian civilians were killed on Sunday in regime strikes in the country's northwest, a monitor said, in apparent retaliation for an extremist attack on two besieged government-held villages.

Under attack in Idlib hit the building children's hospital of the city of Tetanus and as a result killed three children, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to TSN.

Syrian state news agency SANA also reported the attack, and said local fighters had been able to push HTS back.

Takfiri terrorists have attacked the besieged Shia-majority Syrian towns of Kefraya and al-Foua, sparking deadly clashes with pro-Damascus fighters, a UK-based monitoring group says.

Air strikes on a village in Idlib killed at least 44 people overnight, the highest death toll in a single attack on the region this year, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Friday.

Fuaa and Kafraya are the only two places in Syria now designated as besieged by the United Nations after the government recaptured the Yarmuk Palestinian camp in southern Damascus.

Idlib is home to almost 1 million children, many of them displaced from other parts of the country.

The bombing over Taftanaz killed another eight civilians, while two others were killed in a raid on Ariha and two in Banash and Ram Hamdan.

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Rebels overran most of Idlib in 2015, but the mainstream opposition's influence has dwindled as jihadists like HTS have solidified their grip on the province.

HTS and its allies control around 60 per cent of the province, its local rivals hold about a third, and the regime controls about 10 per cent, according to the observatory.

Islamic State and other militant groups are mingled in the population in Idlib, making it a "highly explosive" situation, he said.

Across Syria, more than two million people are in so-called hard-to-reach areas and around 11,000 are still under siege in three opposition-controlled locations.

Last week, clashes between HTS and an IS sleeper cell made up of Iraqi jihadists left more than two dozen fighters dead, mostly from IS. HTS also killed six Daesh members it had captured in the clashes.

An escalation in fighting and air strikes in Syria's rebel-held Idlib province leaves 2.5 million civilians with "no place else to go" within their shattered homeland, the United Nations said on Monday.

Idlib, which remains under opposition control, was designated as a "de-escalation zone" in which acts of aggression are expressly forbidden in May of previous year.

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