Bercow jokes that baby in the Commons is better behaved than MPs

The House of Commons descended into chaos today as the SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford was expelled for trying to call a stunt division in the middle of PMQs

Bercow jokes that baby in the Commons is better behaved than MPs

The party's MPs followed Westminster leader Ian Blackford out of the House of Commons chamber on Wednesday after he was was ordered to leave by Speaker John Bercow.

Just 19 minutes were allocated for debate at Westminster on issues related to devolution during the EU Withdrawal Bill debate last night - 19 minutes during which not one Scottish MP was given the opportunity to speak, the entire time was hogged by cabinet office minister David Lidington.

Blackford then refused to sit back down and Bercow asked him to leave due to the "repeated and insistent refusal to resume his seat when so instructed" the Commons and not return for the rest of the day.

She claimed Scotland and Holyrood were "being treated with contempt by Westminster - and it needs to be highlighted". Yet last night she pressed ahead with a power grab in direct opposition to our elected parliament.

A baby sitting in the public gallery of the House of Commons has been praised for her good behaviour during today's explosive meeting - and even got a round of applause.

On Tuesday, British lawmakers had voted to push through Brexit legislation including measures affecting Scotland such as agriculture and fisheries which did not have the consent of Holyrood, the devolved Scottish parliament where the SNP is the biggest party.

"What we saw last night is the government ramming through legislation that takes responsibility of 24 areas back from the Scottish Parliament but remarkably without debate".

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"They are the masters of manufactured grievance and the people of Scotland are sick of it".

"It is a democratic outrage".

Blackford concluded: "I have no options but to ask that this house now sits in private".

"We hear from the Prime Minister about respecting devolution".

The passing of the EU Withdrawal Bill meant powers which were supposed to return to the Scottish Parliament after the United Kingdom leaves the EU would go to Westminster for a period of seven years, a move which SNP MPs broke with the Sewel convention that changes to devolution would not occur without the consent of the Scottish Parliament.

We walked out of PMQs because Scotland's voice is being ignored, Scottish democracy is being disrespected. Such a complex endeavour is bound to complicate the agenda of Prime Minister Theresa May as she tries to negotiate Brexit.

He added the issue would "haunt the Scottish Tories for a generation". The SNP calls it a "power grab", something the United Kingdom government denies.

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