City captivated by raccoon scaling building

A raccoon stranded on the ledge of a building in St. Paul, Minnesota, is captivating onlookers and generating a social media frenzy after it started scaling an office building.

As of Tuesday morning, it was 12 stories high, seen taking a nap outside a window.

The UBS Plaza building is 25 stories tall.

The nimble little fella climbed 23 floors - about 60m - up the UBS Tower in Saint Paul, panicking thousands of onlookers who were following the situation on Twitter.

Looking like a smaller, hairier version of Spiderman, the raccoon was able to scale nearly the entire building, finally stopping to rest outside the Paige Donnelly Law Firm on the 23rd floor.

The video above, shown by raccoon watcher @manchelster was one of many to hit the internet.

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Until we have any further details, we'll just pray for a miracle.

The last update about the raccoon's journey was staff from the local fire department were trying to lure it the roof to rescue it.

The critter was first spotted at the Town Square building in St. Paul, huddled in a nook above the sidewalk.

There is not a whole lot that St. Paul Animal Control can do because a rescue mission would be too risky for both the raccoon and the workers.

The critter even had an account created in its honor, its first tweet reading, "I made a big mistake".

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