Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Fantastic New Artwork and Tons of Information

While the reveal was exciting to long-time fans, the trailer raised more questions than it answered. They spent a lot of time creating a detailed world in night city, and they want it to be immersive and have the player feel the depression of mega corporations stamping down the life's of people, and thus, a first person perspective would suit the theme better. Further details are being showcased live over at GameSpot.

While any information is good news, the lack of gameplay has left some players feeling frustrated that CD Projekt Red isn't being upfront with their information. "The game is exclusively first-person, outside of cutscenes so you can see yourself in third-person and vehicles, we also have a third-person perspective camera". "One of the things that's important for us is that we don't want you to be driving all the time. we want the player to explore the world on foot, because it's such an awe-inspiring place", said Rowley. It's a role playing game with some shooter elements instead of a shooter game with RPG elements. The combat will be faster-paced than Fallout 4, but slower than something like Doom. World design was a huge focus in setting the tone. It seems there will be multiple ways to tackle obstacles in V's way as well, since at one point in the demo, V had managed to get through a door using his engineering skills by opening a panel, but if his hacking skill was higher, he could have used a different method entirely.

Unfortunately, there's still no date to look forward to for the release of Cyberpunk 2077.

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Fluid Class System - Become a Netrunner, Techie or Solo... or a mix of all three. If you want to keep abreast pf any developments, head to the game's official website.

Players will be able to talk their way through several situations without conflict, and, much like The Witcher 3, they'll also be able to do so by choosing from a wide array of dialogue options that fit the personality they're aiming for with their character. They are not looking to build a save-the-world kinda story, but they will rather have a story with a similar vein as the Witcher 3.

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