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E3 2018: Watch the wild new Death Stranding trailer

Finally, we know what Death Stranding will play like - or at least some of it. Sony's E3 2018 presentation revealed the first gameplay video for Kojima Productions' enigmatic project, and it did not disappoint in terms of weirdness. "Two goddesses, Lindsay Wagner and Léa Seydoux", Kojima wrote. Each trailer released for the upcoming title appears more freakish - and intriguing - than the last.

Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima's long awaited debut as an independent developer after departing the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Since the first trailer was shown at E3 2016, fans of Kojima have questioned what exactly "Death Stranding" is about.

That's about all we've seen at the E3 showcase.

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We then cut to Norman Reedus' character with another female character as they try to stay quiet and evade an invisible creature.

Kojima revealed three new pieces of key art for the game, showing the character Sam Bridges, as well as the characters played by Seydoux and Wagner. There's also a lot of walking across different kinds of terrains carrying odd sorts of packages.

The scenes jump from one situation and location to the next which make it hard to put each scene into context.

This trailer was the most in-depth look at Death Stranding that we've had so far, and featured Sam moving through an open area with a baby strapped to his body seemingly powering a device that could detect the enemy threats, which are so far unnamed. Even so, this is a trailer you should definitely watch, because it really defies explanation.

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