Don’t Be Afraid to Talk With Someone

Nationally the organization is pushing for a $150 million down payment for suicide prevention research within the National Institute of Mental Health, maintaining military and veteran suicide prevention efforts along with increased funding for mental health and substance abuse services.

The study was released the same week world-renowned fashion designer Kate Spade and food critic Anthony Bourdain both committed suicide.

For every suicide, there are 25 attempts. The personal stories told by people at the network about why they loved Bourdain and his work served as a reminder to people considering suicide about how their death would hurt people left behind. The reasons why healthcare workers are more likely to commit suicide is unknown, but could be related to burnout which has become an epidemic in this population. The network of crisis call centers are staffed by trained counselors and each call is directed to one of the 150 centers located near each caller. The study, which tracked suicide statistics from 1999 through 2016, found that overall suicide rates in the United States have increased by 30%, with mental health issues one of many contributing factors. The report indicates that suicide rates in the US have increased almost 30 percent since 1999.

Lundgren knew that once again, the center - one of more than 160 certified crisis centers across the US through which calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline are routed - would need to put backup counselors on standby to handle additional calls, as happened on Tuesday after Spade's suicide.

The doctor suggests that everyone should take a more subtle approach to discussing mental health with men. Although some standards of journalism used to recommend nondisclosure, in some cases, if a cause of death was suicide, "we've now swung the other way too much".

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"These findings are disturbing". The other two top 10 causes of death that are on the rise are Alzheimer's disease and drug overdoses, she noted.

Common factors leading up to the incidents include loss of relationships, economic hardships - especially in Western rural areas with less access to care - and veterans.

"Among women, the rate has increased 50%".

Scotland has launched a campaign which aims to put suicide prevention back on the political agenda.

In turn, by adulthood, numerous opportunities have passed them or they have been taught seeking help is not a masculine behaviour. "We don't really understand why there's such an increase", CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook said on "CBS This Morning". They don't seem to take tie for self-care, which means they aren't seeking help for any mental health issues. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at their toll-free number: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). TSPN is also available to provide free suicide prevention or awareness trainings across the state; to request a training visit our website (

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