E3 2018: Fallout 76 Gameplay Trailer is Here, Biggest Fallout Yet

Fallout 76 emotes

Fallout 76 is a Prequel Set in West Virginia, Four Times Bigger Than Fallout 4

Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play simulation game first launched for iOS in June 2015, followed by Android in August 2015, PC in July 2016, and Xbox One in February 2017. Shh... no talking now.

Bethesda's Todd Howard stopped by Microsoft's E3 2018 presentation to give a little more info on Fallout 76.

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A new trailer showed more of an abandoned Vault 76 before moving to the outdoors. Bethesda introduced building mechanics in Fallout 4.

We learned about Fallout 76's existence last month, and now we finally caught a glimpse of same actual in-game footage and it looks awesome. He also officially confirmed that this is going to be developer's "biggest one yet". Confirming much of what has been theorised already, he says it will be a prequel to all the other games, and will be set in the hills of West Virginia. This is an untamed Wastleand that players will explore. Are you excited about Fallout 76?

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