EA Reveal New Details About Anthem And A New Trailer

Amazon's Italian Site Has Leaked Anthem's Release Date

EA Reveal New Details About Anthem And A New Trailer

In addition to this, EA also announced updates for Battlefront II, a free trial for Federation Internationale de Football Association 18, and Federation Internationale de Football Association 19, Madden NFL 19, NBA Live 19 information. That's a big difference from its key rivals, Destiny and The Division, which have both had a PvP mode in all their releases so far (though there's a lot we don't yet know about The Division 2).

To close out their E3 2018 briefing, Electronic Arts and Bioware chose to give fans a deep dive into the upcoming Anthem, and they did so with a 4-minute session of gameplay that showcases not only how players will go about battling enemies, but the types of creatures and objectives they'll find when the game launches next year. According to EA, there will be no loot boxes, similar to Battlefield V's lack of them.

Talking during EA's "deep dive" Hudson stressed that the title isn't an MMO, saying it's "not an MMO, not a multiplayer game with story bolted on the side".

Players will get to be a freelancer pilot working with the citizens of Targus to figure out the secrets of the world and survive a looming presence of evil as you confront this world. Javelin exosuits make their pilots powerful heroes in the world, with awesome weapons and incredible special abilities that allow for combat and exploration in a hostile environment. Community response to EA's decision resulted in the publisher backtracking on the extent to which additional paid add-ons would affect the player's experience in "Battlefront II" and future titles.

Previously, EA confirmed Anthem's delay to 2019, stating it has nothing to do with the game's development, rather it wants Anthem to compete on its own terms in its own release window that doesn't clash with other games such as Battlefield V.

No new gameplay details, except for the introduction of Champions League, which will probably help them to get away with it for another year.

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Sea of Solitude, an indie game, was another surprise announcement at the E3 2018.

Anthem will launch on 22nd February 2019, which is the same day as Days Gone, on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Beloved RTS franchise Command and Conquer is coming back, reborn as a mobile experience.

In addition to the trailer, BioWare has also revealed that pre-orders for Anthem will bag players access to a VIP demo and a unique in-game Founders banner.

EA Play will be broadcast live on June 9 at 11am PT, 2pm ET, or 7pm BST.

That story isn't just for background - the world will indeed change in permanent ways as BioWare continues to support Anthem after launch. There are four different javelins - ranger, colossus, interceptor and storm - and players are free to switch between them before missions. EA will, however, monetise the game through paid cosmetic modifications to Javelins, much like the skins in Fortnite.

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