Fallout 76 Trailer, Release Date, and News

Multiplayer finally comes to the epic open-world RPGs of Bethesda Game Studios. The game is coming to XBO, PS4, and PC.

This Fallout title will feature new monsters, inspired by the history of its setting, West Virginia.

"As far as I know, it's the first major video game ever set in West Virginia", said Justin McElroy, former editor of the online website Polygon that reports on the video game industry.

Tonight we learned that players will be one of the few chosen to stay in Vault 76 for twenty-five years waiting for Reclamation Day. Bethesda says its revamped lighting and graphics rendering tech will make the environment look spectacular at every turn. It's more "softcore survival", he says.

And now to the part that everyone has been wondering about.

Lucky for all the Fallout fans out there the wait won't be too long. But while playing the game solo is an option, it's clear that Fallout 76 was designed for online multiplayer to be its highlight.

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It'll also include according to Fallout's big cheese Todd Howard, " a map that glows in the f***ing dark".

You can join your friends whenever you want and all of your progression will go with you. The latest game from the Fallout franchise takes place entirely online, meaning you'll be able to play with other players if you'd like for the first time and either team up to fight monsters or try to blow each other's limbs off starting on November 14. This will be handled through C.A.M.P.s (Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform) that serve as the basis for your base. The game is a cross between FarmVille and its post-apocalyptic trappings with no mandatory online requirement or pay-to-win micro-transactions. "We love dynamic game systems, so we thought, "Why don't we put multiple nuclear sites on the map and let you do whatever you want with them?'" Howard mused". The places where nuclear missiles land will create high-level gameplay zones with valuable resources that you won't necessarily be able to get elsewhere.

Crafted from in-game 3D models, these detailed miniatures bring Fallout 76's Vault Dwellers, Power Armored Soldiers, Creatures, and more to life. One such player by the name of Andrew Ngeyen has even started a position to stop Bethesda from trying out something new.

Take a piece of the Wasteland home with the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition.

If the popularity of Fallout 4 is any indication, Fallout 76 is going to be in contention for the most popular release of 2018, which is impressive considering we get Red Dead Redemption 2 this year.

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