Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition Modding Tools Now Available To Download

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Final Fantasy 15 Releases Mod Tools

It's been quite some time since Final Fantasy 15 officially released to the public, as Square Enix initially launched the role-playing game back in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Why play as the sullen goth Noctis when you could lead your band of buddies as Gordon Freeman, crowbar at the ready?

Those interested can download the Mod Organizer from here.

You can download the tool from the official site if you purchased Final Fantasy XV through either the Origin or Windows storefronts. The update includes several minor bug fixes, but its highlight feature is the mod option menu, otherwise known as the Mod Organizer, exclusive to the Windows Edition. The organizer aids in the development of mods that change the appearance of Noctis, his crew, or any in-game NPC.

Final Fantasy 15 Releases Mod Tools

What can you do using the Final Fantasy 15 Mod Support via Steam though? However, weapon mods created with the organizer use the game's point distribution system, so don't expect to craft a lightsaber that can one-shot the Adamantoise. This is not a 3D model creator in any way, but lets you build the model data you need to turn all sort of assets into mods.

Final Fantasy 15's long-awaited mod tools have arrived, allowing modders to create new weapons and character models and then upload them to the Steam Workshop. It's not a creation tool - you'll have to make your own assets with other software - but it allows you to import existing models and textures into the game and assign attributes.

The tool set, called the Mod Organizer, now only covers weapons, character models for existing NPCs and outfits.

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