First Lady Makes First Televised Public Appearance in 26 Days Since Surgery

Fox News Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Prayer and Protest

First Lady Makes First Televised Public Appearance in 26 Days Since Surgery

"I wish that I didn't suspect that the prolonged, poorly explained public absence of Melania Trump could be about concealing abuse". Some of the rumors have included that the first lady was not doing well after the surgery and that she was planning to leave Trump.

"Mrs. Trump is at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and will likely remain there for the duration of the week", Grisham's statement continued.

A media frenzy had erupted in recent days over the first lady, with reports suggesting she was "missing in action" following an announcement that she would not join the president at the looming G7 summit in Quebec and that there are "no plans" for her to travel to Singapore for the president's summit with North Krea's Kim Jong Un.

In a pair of tweets on Wednesday, Mr Trump railed against ongoing media speculation about Mrs Trump's whereabouts.

On May 14, Mrs. Trump underwent a surgical procedure to treat what her office described as a benign kidney condition.

Nick Foles, the Super Bowl most valuable player, was the only Philadelphia Eagles player confirmed to visit the White House for a ceremony with President Donald Trump before the plug was pulled, reported.

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Actually they did apologize for their mistake, which they would never allow another news organization to do, but I think showing kneeling players who are praying and saying it's during the anthem.that's the very definition of fake news. "Doing that hurts all journalists".

The First Lady appeared with the US President at an event in Washington today - her first time outside the White House since May 10. "That doesn't mean we lower our standard", Tapper added. A CNN video wondered, "Where is Melania?". Brady also didn't make an appearance in 2017 and that reportedly made Trump angry.

"But her low-key presence - Melania Trump sat to her husband's left around a conference table and nodded as her husband and other officials spoke - marked the first time she's been seen by the media for almost a month, capping the end of an unusual absence from public sight, even from a first lady who is known for prizing her privacy".

Melania Trump tweeted on May 30, "I see the media is working overtime speculating where I am & what I'm doing. Rest assured, I'm here at the WhiteHouse w my family, feeling great, & working hard on behalf of children & the American people!" "And we always proudly stand for the national anthem". At the event, which was closed to the press, Melania wore a simple black sheath dress-an appropriate look for an evening of mourning and reflection.

CNN's "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter lashed out at the "pro-Trump media" in a June 4 newsletter for their "new attack line" against CNN.

"They're bemoaning the 'where's Melania?' news cycle", Stelter wrote. US President Donald Trump said of Melania.

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