God of War New Game Plus Coming to PS4, But No DLC

God of War's New Game+ Mode Will Allow you to Retain All Equipment and Upgrades

E3 2018: New Game + Coming to God of War

New Game+ will allow players to carry over all their game progress, including all upgrades, stats, and items, into a second and much more challenging playthrough.

Specifically, when asked about the prospects of a New Game+ feature, Layden confirmed that Santa Monica Studio is at work on the mode after getting numerous fan requests. Being that this new entry has some deep RPG elements, is there a God of War New Game Plus mode?

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I still need to clear that beefy post-game content! God of War 1 and 3 both offered the option to play through the game again, just in different costumes.

[UPDATE] As promised, Sony detailed over on the PlayStation Blog what to expect from God of War's New Game+ mode, along with sharing some images. God of War 2 contains the substantive "Titan Mode", which is the hardest difficulty unlocked after beating any difficulty once.

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