Google Home Can Now Perform Up to Three Commands Simultaneously

Google Home speakers can now handle three commands at once

Google Home Can Now Perform Up to Three Commands Simultaneously

The new ability is a progression from Google Home's understanding of two commands at once.

Google Assistant's biggest selling point is just how smart it is, and on smart speakers that especially shows its value.

With little fanfare, Google has bumped the number of simultaneous queries and actions its Home smart speakers can handle at once.

The "multiple queries" feature is now available in English for USA, UK, Canada and Australia, and enables Google Home users to perform up to three functions with a single utterance.

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This feature is now only available in English in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. However, there has been progress in that it is also possible to issue a shorter version of commands such as "turn on the lights in the living room and the kitchen".

For instance, suppose you want to turn on your TV and light, then all you need to say "turn on my living room TV and light".

To begin using multiple queries with Google Home, first update your device to the latest firmware using the Google Home app on your smartphone.

As an extreme example, you can ask, "Ok Google, who was president when Kevin Durant was drafted into the National Basketball Association and what team drafted him?" For example, instead of saying "OK Google, what's the time in Shanghai and what's the time in London", you can simply ask, "what's the time in Shanghai and London" and get two separate answers based on your question.

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